Frequently Asked Propane Questions

This section is is solely designed to help answer specific questions that propane consumers commonly ask their propane dealer.

Common Questions Propane Users Ask

  1. I've never used propane before. What do I expect? Who do I call?
  2. Common questions about propane delivery and bulk tank refueling
  3. Why do I have to have a leak test performed on my propane system?
  4. There's no way I could have used that much propane. I must have a gas leak.
  5. How do I choose what propane company to use?
  6. Can I paint my propane tank so that it matches the color of my house?
  7. How many gallons of gas do I lose in a leak?
  8. Can I check for gas propane leaks? How?
  9. Can I repair or modify my own propane system?
  10. I hear a hissing noise coming from my tank. What is it?
  11. I hear that propane tanks explode easily. Is that true?
  12. Do propane cylinders explode easily?
  13. I open my LP Gas cylinder valve and nothing comes out. What's wrong?
  14. I need a propane tank but don't know if I should rent or buy one.
  15. How (or where) do I dispose of a propane tank or cylinder?
  16. Why is my propane regulator covered in frost? Is it freezing up?
  17. Why are BTU's so important in the propane industry? What are BTU's?
  18. How do I prepare for an emergency such as severe weather or natural disaster?
    1. How do I prepare my propane tank for wildfires?
    2. What should I do to secure my propane tank in case of flooding?
    3. How will I get my tank ready for a thunderstorm, hurricane or tornado?