Selecting Propane Tank Size and Type

Propane tanks come in different shapes and sizes for any number of different uses. Propane is used in residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial applications all around the world. Propane companies can advise consumers of the reasons for selecting a certain size propane tank but knowing some of these and other reasons will give consumers an advance understanding of advantages to different size propane tanks.

Propane tank in residential use

Residential Propane Tank Sizing

Residential propane use consists primarily of home heating, clothes drying, cooking and water heating. The number one use of propane consumption in the home is heating. Therefore, the size of a propane tank is going to be based primarily on the domestic heating load requirements and climate conditions for the region.

Commercial propane tanks at a greenhouse

Commercial / Industrial Propane Tank Sizes

Commercial propane use encompasses a multitude of industries and a wide variety of uses from heating to fleet fueling. Tank size selection varies and is solely dependent on application and usage requirements. Volume usage is the primary factor that determines the size and number of propane tanks installed for commercial and industrial applications.

250 gallon underground propane tank

Propane Tank Dimensions

Varying propane tank sizes and capacities determine the area allotted for the tank installation if it's installed above ground. In the case of an underground propane tank installation, the tank dimensions will determine the measurements of the hole for excavation. Tank dimensions and size details are increasingly important during the planning stages of installation.

Propane tank size affects the ability for propane to vaporize and meet appliance demands

Propane Tank Size and Vaporization

Vaporization is the conversion of liquid propane to propane vapor, or propane gas. LP Gas tank size directly impacts the ability of the propane in the tank to vaporize at a rate that will satisfy the demands of the downstream appliances. Learn about proper tank sizing and its effect on propane vaporization.