Pictures of actual repairs and modifications to propane tanks, valves and systems as performed by customers. The pictures within this photo album depict the dangers of attempting to modify, repair or improve any part of the tank or system. Not only are "do it yourself" (DIY) repairs dangerous, they can be expensive as well.

damagedpropanetankliftinglug_small.jpg brokentankliftinglug_small.jpg lpgtankliftinglugdamage_small.jpg propanetankplug_small.jpg
propanetankplugcloseup_small.jpg damagedpropanetankliquidwithdrawalvalve_small.jpg shearedpropaneliquidwithdrawalvalve_small.jpg checklokspringexposed_small.jpg
shearedliquidwithdrawalvalve_small.jpg solderedpropanetanksafetyreliefvalve_small.jpg

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